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What is all this animal business?

Pack Animal is a small team of people who want everyone to live a life full of stories from the road. Our own experiences have introduced us to incredible people, taken us to some mind blowing places, and changed us for good.  

Helping people get out on the road seems like a big undertaking, but we can chip away at the goal in a few ways. 

First, we'll be manufacturing gear that has proven itself worthy to carry your things on any road in any condition. We've designed a rugged motorcycle saddle bag perfect for a few weeks on the road. To keep your machine running, we offer a tool roll just big enough to carry some of the tools you might normally leave at home while still small enough to mount easily on even the most heavily laden rig. You'll also find our line of simple but beautiful small leather goods ready to join your daily carry kit.

Chris stitching up a prototype bag

Chris stitching up a prototype bag

Mike blocking out some leather pieces

Mike blocking out some leather pieces

Second, to help more people live on the road, we'll be organizing and sponsoring events and trips. Opportunities to meet other people who want to get out there and opportunities to learn from others in this community about how they make it work. Hopefully we can go make some stories together, maybe see something new for the first time or fix a breakdown on the shoulder of an empty highway. 

Lastly, we will scrape together as much knowledge as we can for you to use while on the road. Hacks, tips, tricks, packing lists, places to stop, places to avoid, and perhaps even a bit of lore.  Maybe it'll help you out sometime, or maybe it will just make you laugh.

Be a part of what we're doing!

This November we will be launching our Kickstarter campaign to bring this business to life. We need your help to make this dream a reality. Without funding we are unable to meet the minimum quantity orders that our material suppliers require, and we are unable to upgrade our shop equipment enough to handle sustainable  production rates. We simply cannot make this happen without you. 

We're so excited that you're here, and we hope you'll join us.

- The Pack Animals

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