The One Show | 2016

This was our third year attending The One Show, and it was a lot like the others...beautiful bikes, talented builders, and a ton of civilians quietly keeping to themselves while checking out the show. We're pretty introverted ourselves but wanted this year to be different, so we started getting social.

Turns out the best thing about The One Show is the high concentration of amazing and talented people. They've always been there, you just have to start introducing yourself. We met Carter Asmann, the guy behind those sweet graphite drawings with the coffee rings, Mark from Ronin Motorcycles in Denver and the DIY garage guys from Lucky Wheels in Los Angeles. Then there's Chris who makes shop rag shirts at Godspeed Co., Matt behind Inked Iron's graphics, and the Cotter Pin Gear team, who we have so much in common with. 

The list goes on, but the fact is, if you're keeping to yourself at the Show, you're missing out on the one thing that makes it so great — the people.

Jenny Linquist