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Saddlebag Mounting


Pack Animal Mounting Kits

We've developed a mounting kit that can adapt to almost any bike. Our design is comprised of two kits that go over the top of the seat and attach to the frame on both sides of the bike. Rings on the top saddle strap provide a location to attach saddlebags. Tool rolls can be attached by running the closure straps through the rings, or underneath the mounting kit top strap.

Saddlebag Mounting Kit

Everyones bike is unique, especially yours! We want you to be able to put our bags on your bike and that means we might need to spend some time figuring out exactly what kit we need to build to fit your ride. Visit and read the mounting guide first. 

We'll ask you to answer some questions that will help us send you the right parts. You'll need to take some measurements off your motorcycle, so grab a measuring tape and head out to the garage (or street) and let's sort this out!

*Please allow two weeks for custom mounting kits to be manufactured and shipped.

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Saddlebag Mounting Kit
Triumph Modern Classics

If you own a Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton or Street Twin, we've got you covered! These kits fit bikes with stock, factory seats or British Customs Slammer seats.

If you have a custom seat or have altered the frame on your bike, you'll likely need to order a custom mounting kit. Contact us at

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Hardware Placement

Each Pack Animal saddlebag mounting kit comes with two sets of hardware- one set is for the front attachment points (closer to the front of the motorcycle) and one set is for the rear attachment points (closer to the back of the motorcycle). Depending on your motorcycle's design these two hardware sets could be the same, or they could be very different. 

The two sets of mounting hardware need to be between 8 and 13" apart, but ideally they should mount to the bike with about 10 or 11" between them. Keep this in mind when choosing where to mount the frame attachments.

How wide is your seat (or fender)?


We need to know the width of the top of your seat at each position where the hardware will go over it. This dimension will be used to select the width of the saddle strap that the bags will attach to. If your motorcycle has a solo seat, the rear set of hardware might be going across the fender (which is fine), and we need the same dimension. Don't worry to much about getting a super accurate measurement, anything within 1/2" (or 10mm) is good enough for this.

This seat is 9" wide in the front...

and 8" wide at the back

What type of frame mount do you need?


We offer two options for the frame mounting- frame wraps, and bolt on attachment points. 

Frame wraps are incredibly adaptable and can be used on both round and rectangular tube frames, stamped steel frames, and even grab bars. Depending on where you want to attach this we can supply longer or shorter straps. Don't worry about that now though, we'll get that measurement in the next step.

Bolt on attachment points are a convenient option if your frame is hidden behind a fender or body panel. All that's required is a hole for a bolt. You can use either a threaded hole, or if none are available you can put a nut on the backside. We expect these options to work for most customers, but if you can't see a way to make it work on your motorcycle, you can contact us at

What is the distance from the attachment point on one side of the bike to the attachment point on the opposite side?


In order for us to send the correct length of hardware we need to know the distance from one attachment point to the point on the opposite side of the bike. It is important to include the length needed to wrap the frame, if you have selected the frame wrap attachment style. Use a piece of rope or string to measure from one side to the other, going over the top of the seat. Try to be accurate to the nearest 1" (25mm) but don't stress out- the hardware is adjustable.

If using frame wraps, include the distance around the frame.

Measure across the top of the seat.

And measure around the frame on the opposite side as well.

For bolt on straps measure from the center of one hole to the center of the hole on the opposite side.

Some motorcycles may not have features that our hardware can easily adapt to. This might be the case for modern bikes that hide the frame behind fenders or body fairings. We've seen cruisers and sport bikes that may need something different to get the hardware mounted. If you need some help figuring it out, please contact us at We'll ask you to send us some information about your bike as well as a few photos.



We've designed this bag mounting hardware with vintage and modern classic motorcycles in mind. Some modern motorcycles may not have certain features that we require for safe and secure mounting of the bags. In such situations it may be possible to mount our bags with an aftermarket, factory installed, or custom luggage rack that will correctly support the bags. Please keep in mind the following limitations:

  • Motorcycles with mono-shocks are generally not supported as many of them lack the necessary body features to keep the bag from coming into contact with the rear wheel.
  • There must be at least 15" from the top of your exhaust to the top of your seat. Motorcycles with upswept or high mounted exhaust systems cannot hang bags on the side of the bike with the exhaust (which might mean neither side is acceptable for our bags).
  • Already have a luggage rack? That's cool – You can probably attach our hardware to it and the bag can rest against the frame. Just be aware that our bag may not cover the entire frame.