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Tool Roll

Designer: Pack Animal

$85.00 $100.00

New Design - Black Friday Pricing!

This one is dedicated to all you OG Pack Animals out there... You've been asking us to bring back the Tool Roll for years now. 

A lot of you ride motorcycles and this is the perfect on-the-road tool kit for those longer trips away from home. 

We're proud to say that we found a great leather-goods fabricator who can make these to our high standards. Because Lord knows the LAST thing you need is for your toll roll to rip, tear, or just fall apart when you're on the road.

These tough beauties are made of quality materials like waxed canvas, brass hardware, and leather. And they've got our signature red inner lining to boot. 

Even better, the 'Blackout' and 'Desert' canvas colorways complement our existing, heavy duty bags. Travel in style with matching luggage! 

We also included a ton of details from the original tool roll too. Like the oversized wrench pouch, the small parts pocket, and the leather loops for your pencils/Allen wrenches/spare spark plugs.


Pack Light, Travel Far - Dave and Team Pack Animal



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