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Lunch Carry

Designer: Pack Animal

$43.00 $50.00

New Design Black Friday Pricing!

We said the hell with all those crappy lunch sacks made of nylon, foam and transparent plastic. We flipped the whole idea of a lunch sack on it's ear.

This beauty is made of quality materials like waxed canvas, brass hardware, and leather. And it's got our signature red inner lining to boot. 
Even better, the 'Forest' and 'Desert' canvas colorways complement our existing, heavy duty bags. Travel in style with matching luggage! 

Don't make your lunch feel like it's taking the bus to school! Upgrade it to first class instead. But be careful if you get one. Your friends or coworkers might snag it "by accident". Keep a close eye on it.

Otherwise it might disappear like that double-brownie ice cream you "hid" in the freezer...

Pack Light, Travel Far - Dave and Team Pack Animal

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