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Laptop Case

Designer: Pack Animal


We've lost track of how many nameless, faceless laptop cases we've gotten. They just don't last. In terms of design, this was another travel accessory that the Pack Animal team felt is one of the most neglected pieces in the bag world.

Why shouldn't there be a high-quality, 16oz heavy duty waxed canvas laptop case with brass hardware, leather trims and lined with red wool lining? Even better, the 'Blackout' and 'Desert' canvas colorways complement our existing, heavy duty bags. Travel in style with matching luggage!

After all, your laptop isn't exactly a "cheap" piece of equipment. And it definitely shouldn't look cheap.

This laptop case looks and feels like it belongs in a bank vault. Or a jazz bar.

Or a jazz bar built into a bank vault (it exists folks).

These cases aren't small either - they come in either 13" or 15" to hold your laptop with ease, even if it's covered in a hard shell. Get one and test it out for yourself.

The 15” laptop case is 14.5” x 11”
The 13” case is 13.5” x 9.75”
It’s only about 1/4” smaller in length and width inside.


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Customer Reviews

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